The End of the World

What is it going to be like to see the end of the world? What will happen as a warning to everyone living on the earth? Is there any hope for us? Watch this video to see. (Runtime 7:07)

The Invitation, Part 4

How can I have perfect peace? This short video explains how when we surrender our souls to His keeping, He makes us peaceful and glad. Then nothing can make us sad. (Runtime 3:11)

The Invitation, Part 3

Jesus invites us to learn of Him. What does that mean? How did He live? He loved us - humanity - so much that He entered into our existence to rescue us. His life was LOVE personified. That is what we will learn in the School of Christ. (Runtime 3:08)

The Invitation, Part 2

Is God interested in helping us with our problems and burdens? This video explains what it means to be "yoked up" with Christ. Our worries, our heart aches can be healed when we follow God because our Heavenly Father knows how to care for us. (Runtime 4:01)

The Invitation, Part 1

God invites us to come to Him, to share with Him our all troubles and problems. He knows how to help us through. We can count on Him. He will take the load from our weary shoulders and give us rest. Do you have a burden that you are carrying? Bring it to Him. (Runtime 3:20)

Keep Your Wants

Are you afraid? Do you have problems or burdens? Do you have a broken heart? Do you have sorrows? Watch this video to see how God feels about you and your situation. (Runtime 1:50)


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"To Know God" composes short videos as little glimpses into what God is like and how He wants to help us in our lives.